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SUP and Surfing LessonsAt SurfnPaddle's school we love teaching folks at all levels about Stand-up Paddleboarding. Whether you're a beginner - never touched a board before, or if you've done a bit, or a bit more, we will help you get better.

Stand up paddleboarding or SUP is a relatively new sport in Europe and is rapidly gaining in popularity..

Paddleboarding is easy to master and the only equipment needed is a purpose made board & a long handled paddle. It is an easy sport to learn & most beginners will be cruising around after about 30 mins practice. A basic level of fitness is required to paddleboard and the sport is suitable for anyone over about 7 years of age !






This is an introduction to stand up paddling. Our objective is to supply you with all the basic skills you will need to safely paddle and stand on the board. After the class you will have all the necessary skills to paddle-board with confidence and safety, keeping your balance and being able to safely return back to the start point.
The class will be taught in calm, flat waters to give maximum safety as it is very important to begin in relaxing conditions. These conditions allow us to focus on the important aspects of how you stand on the board and how you paddle. As a beginner, it’s all about practicing on flat water. Remember, the more you paddle, the better you get!


  • Basic explanation of the origin and development of STAND UP PADDLING
  • Advantages and benefits of this sport on a physical and emotional level.
  • Disciplines and activities of SUP (cruising, waves...)
  • Technical explanation on the beach regarding feet positioning, how to hold the paddle and correct body posture.
  • Transition to water to practice the above
  • Balance on water (kneeling, sitting and standing)
  • First paddle strokes
  • Basic manoeuvres/turns

1 hour
- No experience necessary
- Easier than surfing
- Guaranteed to learn quickly
- Ages from 7 onwards
- All must know how to swim


After you have developed good paddling skills and are confident and happy with your paddleboarding on flat water, you may want to try taking your paddleboard into surf/wave conditions. This is an amazingly rewarding experience but it is essential that you have grasped the paddleboard skills and surf etiquette before you enter into a surf line-up. You should have some paddleboard experience or have had classes before taking part in a paddleboard wave session or you must have some surfing experience with an understanding of the surfing rules in addition to have good paddling skills and board control.

With these paddleboard lessons you will learn the important safety aspects of how to paddle out through small waves, improved turning ability, wave selection, positioning and surfing etiquette. Without proper instruction SUP can be dangerous not only to themselves but to other people in the water. Our classes are always on a one-to-one basis to ensure maximum safety.  If you have any doubts about your level you can contact us direct.

See details about Prices and Equipment hire using this link or if you'd like to make a booking or enquiry use this.




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